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            HighTech Components Co., Ltd. has established more than 20 years, which is one of well-known heat sink manufacturer by highly experience and innovative technique within aluminum heat sink field in Taiwan. We have devoted ourselves to provide the high-quality and efficient service to domestic and international clients who engage in electronic appliance equipment. Moreover, we would like to become the great partner who can fulfill demands of customers, and bring the additional value for customers. Nowadays, HIGHTECH has cooperated with many domestic famous clients and kept the relationships as long-term. Furthermore, we are continually expanding our international market, and build corporate image all over the world..


            Recent years, under the high demand of international trade market, we branched 2 factories in Dong Guan and Shanghai separately in China. This is to help us to produce more various products, and provide more competitive price. With these advantages, we can expand our market share, and help our exist clients to upgrade the goods. Also, HIGHTECH not only provide physical products but also invisible products that is our best service to customers.


            For sustainable development of company, we are highly strict about our quality for all our products, we believed that good quality is the most important reason that keeps our business going on. Not only have the primary inspection measurement but also is ISO9001 certified company.

            As the times change, HIGHTECH will start to improve our skills and to break through technical difficulties for customers’ needs. Our new goal will be strengthen the ability to produce the LED heat sink and the heat sink module in green energy industry.

            Welcome to cooperate with us! As you are one of us, we will become the most competitive and profitable group in the global market!


            █ Equipments

            ※Heat Sink:
            Extrused Heat Sink,Stamping Heat Sink,Cross-cut Heat Sink,
            Bonded Fin Heat Sink,Folded Fin Heat Sink,Radiant Heat Sink,
            Die-Casting Heat Sink,Forging Heat Sink,LED Heat Sink,
            CPU Heat Sink,Fan Heat Sink,Heatpipe Heat Sink。

            ※ Metal Parts:
            Bracket / Holder,Chassis,Front / Back Panel,
            Handle,Cover (included up, under and side)。

            Thermal Pad,Thermal Grease。

            We supply customized service by assigned pad to fit on heat sink. 

            █ ISO Certification